Labor Law Lite Now Offering Paid Subscriptions

It's all still free! But you can pay if you want to.

Get 20% off for 1 year

I told myself I would only ever entertain this idea if I ever reached 1,000 email subscribers, which seemed a ridiculous number for a blog solely discussing traditional labor law, a notoriously insular legal bar. But somehow today, only two-and-a-half months into starting this Substack, we reached the four-digit mark in subscriptions.

Some have asked me for a while now if I would open the blog up for paid options. I’ve decided to take them up on that very generous offer. You can now either pay for a $5.00 monthly subscription or a $30.00 annual subscription (the lowest I was allowed to select under Substack’s payment methods, but I can toggle a 20% off option). It looks like you need to make an account on something called “Stripe” to pay. It took me about two minutes.

You do not have to pay to keep reading Labor Law Lite. There will not be a paywall. This is not my day job; it’s a hobby that I really enjoy doing. I’m not going to segregate content between free and paid viewers like most Substacks seem to do. It is a totally voluntary thing. (As an aside, any money you pay will go towards my wedding I’m planning or the mortgage I eventually want to afford. Purely adult things.)

Since this is a labor law blog, I’ll draw a labor law analogy: this Substack will operate like a union shop in a Right-to-Work state. You will receive the same service regardless of whether you pay dues. Hopefully that comparison doesn’t rankle the readership.

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