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A personal announcement.

August 2021

Accusations that the doctrine serves as a stealthy stand-in for card check completely miss the mark.
Both agencies are looking to the past to address modern-day enforcement issues.
Labor law has long needed a compensatory remedy for deliberate stalling tactics. Enter the Ex-Cell-O remedy.
A respected NLRB attorney went rogue in his oral argument at the Supreme Court.
New NLRB GC Jennifer Abruzzo rescued the doctrine from obscurity on Thursday. Hours later, she had her first test case.
The union is probably getting a second election if it wants one.

July 2021

The agency gets good news from the courts and Congress.

June 2021

Not very, but only because the law was already very anti-union.
We can partly track current-day cultural panics to past labor scholarship.
How one 1960s plant relocation sheds light on our broken system of labor law.